We have simplified payments

Make Bulk payments using our web app, mobile app, google sheet integration and developer friendly APIs.

Web Application

Say goodbye to old methods of bulk payouts via excel. Use our web app to make payouts seamless.

Mobile Application

Choose contacts or groups, enter the amount for each contact and in one click make bulk payouts. Efficient bulk payouts guaranteed.

Ext Integrations

Own your data and collaboration to make frictionless payouts and receive updates instantly using our Google Sheet Integration.

Developer friendly

Integrate our APIs in your product and subscribe to our web hooks to make payouts at scale.

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Make Payouts to any Bank Account or Virtual Payment Address

Available 24 x 7 with immediate settlements on UPI and IMPS wihtout any limits

Use your Credit card to make payments

  • Make instant business payments to your vendors
  • Get interest free upto 50 days of extra credit
  • Unlock the unutilised limits in your credit cards
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Say Goodbye to your payment problems

  • Eliminate time consumed to create an excel and input all data
  • Eliminate manual errors and operational errors
  • Avoid net and mobile banking that costs time and money
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Built for Maximum Experience

  • Instant Beneficiary additions
  • Account statements
  • Truly no transaction limits
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Effortlessly integrate Bulkpe dev-friendly APIs

  • Rapidly build production ready payments integration
  • Use our Restful APIs and get realtime webhooks
  • Built to handle scale so you can process high volume
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Banking for any business

We are Building for the MSMEs in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the transaction method available in Bulkpe?

UPI, IMPS, RTGS, NEFT. All four method do not have any daily or monthly limit.

Is there any transaction limit on UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS?

There's no per day limit like banks. However, there is an INR 1 lakh limit per transaction on UPI, INR 5 lakhs on IMPS, and no limit on NEFT and RTGS.

What exactly is Bulkpe?

Bulkpe is a web and mobile application that enables businesses to seamlessly manage money in and out. With Bulkpe, businesses can make bulk payout transactions in a few seconds, and collect payments from customers using UPI, QR, and Bank transfers. Bulkpe also enables businesses to create invoices that can be shared on WhatsApp or email in just one click along with a payment collection URL.

Do you provide Bank Account Verification?

Yes, we do have Bank Account Verification using Penny Drop to verify and know the bank account holder name. We have it very handy in our dashboard and as an API as well. You can refer to our API Docs Bank Verification

Do we get webhooks for every transaction?

Yes, Bulkpe will send webhook callbacks to your system. You can configure them using Bulkpe web app dashboard.