Multiple data blocks of KYC APIs

Prevent fraud upfront with our modular KYC verification bundle.

Bulkpe Verification Stack Web App
Bank Account

Complete verification with a penny drop of ₹1 to customer provided bank account details.

PAN Verification

Verify PAN details and get user mobile number and email with ease and accuracy.

Aadhaar Verification

Seamlessly verify Aadhaar information for your users with Aadhaar OTP.

GST Verification

Effortlessly verify GST details for businesses before onboarding.

UPI Verification

Get holder name & Phone and ensure details are correct for secure transactions.

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A Comprehensive Verification stack with Bulkpe KYC

How it Works?

  • Easily integrate our APIs into your systems or use our web app.
  • Send verification requests for PAN, Aadhaar, bank account, etc.
  • Receive real-time verification results for quick decision-making.
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Key Features

  • Developer-friendly APIs for seamless integration
  • Secure and reliable verification processes
  • Cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes
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Streamline your user verification process with our developer-friendly APIs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I integrate Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs into my existing systems?

Integrating Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs is simple. You can refer to our comprehensive documentation here and sample code for easy integration.

Is Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs secure for verifying sensitive information like PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account details?

Yes, Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs are designed with security in mind. We use IP Whitelist, API Token and follow best practices to ensure the security and confidentiality of user information.

Can I verify multiple types of information, such as PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account details?

Yes, our APIs are designed to allow you to verify multiple aspects of user identity and information with a single integration, making the verification process efficient and convenient.

What is Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs?

Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs is a versatile solution for verifying individuals or businesses. It offers various verification blocks, including bank account, DigiLocker document fetching, Aadhaar, and PAN checks. With Bulkpe Verification Stack APIs, you can streamline the verification process and integrate multiple data blocks seamlessly.

Who does Bulkpe partner with to identify or verify customers?

Bulkpe works closely with multiple certified partners and government entities to provide verified data only.